Corporate Social Responsibility

EagleWings launched as a platform to promote community and familiness, and it has always been our core mission to engage with society, especially with the less well-off. We have ongoing programmes such as Outreach Tuesdays and Venue Sponsorship. While Covid-19 has temporarily affected our ability to host such events to the original scale, it has certainly not dampened our spirit of giving back! For enquires on CSR, please reach us at [email protected]

Partner with Us

The running costs of giving back has been shared by many generous contributors who have given freely to the benefit of others. While the impact of Covid-19 has affected the availability of resources, nonetheless, EagleWings is keen to press on with benefitting the community in big and small ways. With continued support, we believe we will be able to pull through. Should you wish to contribute, please reach us at [email protected]


Inclunema – supporting children with mild intellectual disability with special screening involving lowering of volume & brighter lighting

Delivering Food & Bubble Tea to Frontline Workers

Educational Brief & Tour for Film Studies Students